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July 22 2020 | News

Trent Burke, SPC Youth Council President 2019-2020 

From NFCYM website: 

"Young people are not just participating, but helping to drive many of today’s current trends. One area of significance is the nationwide response to racism. Rather than talk about how young people are responding, we wanted to hear from young people themselves: Why is this issue important to them? How are the addressing this in their communities? How does their faith play a part in their response? Join us as a panel of youth and young adults witness to how they are addressing racism in their communities and how we accompany our young people to help make change based on Gospel Values. Panelists include: Richard Scott (Washington DC), Ellen Orie (Richmond, Va), Trent Burke (North Carolina A&T University), Anju Banerjee (Baltimore, MD), and moderated by Cynthia Martinez Psencik (Archdiocese of New York)" 

It takes place: Wed, Jul 22, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CDT