by Wanda C. Talton

Help me to be a better person, Grant me wisdom in all my decision making,
Grant me strength to work through you, Grant me patience in all I do.
Help me reach each goal you set, Let me assist others to do their best.
Grant me courage to stand steadfast, “Til my time with you shall come at last.
This I pray each day you send, To tackle every battle, and with every fence I mend…

Peace of mind, may I attain it—wisdom, patience and courage too.
Strength I know I shall be given, all this and more shall come from you.
Lord, please bless me with your mercy, In all I do I trust your way.
See me through all that confronts me, This I pray to you each day.
Be my comforter and guidance, Without you I would be lost.
Be my holy compass Jesus, In my work place, be my boss.
Keep me in your loving arms, For within them, I know peace.
In all I do Lord, you are with me, Everlasting Prince of Peace.
Pray, I do Lord, every day now, For without prayer, how would I live.
Prayer for wisdom, love and guidance, These are only yours to give.
Come into my life sweet Jesus, Forsake me not, this Lord I pray.
Be my savior and constant friend, Gentle Jesus, show me the way.
Everyday Dear Lord, I thank you, For this life you’ve given me.
“Til we meet dear Lord in heaven, Grateful to you I’ll always be.
AMEN KATRINA How scary is life, since KATRINA, came and left,
She left us all quite stoic without homes and no defense.
Those of us no longer here, she’s sent to final rest
And those she left behind to build again, will do their very best…

To remember all our departed and rebuild our lives again,
What we struggle to make new and even try to mend.
KATRINA could not break our will or ever keep us down,
Though heavy rain and even flood, with those she’d try to drown.
Her winds, their forces quite menacing tore roofs off homes and more.
She stole all our experience, she shook it to the core.
Our government did falter, it crumpled in her quake,
What happened to decisiveness, no decision could they make.
From city, state and federal, those combined forces failed,
And like some horrid railway accident, all holy fell derailed.
Mayors, governors, police chiefs, too, all pulled together but…

The federal assessment of KATRINA, would be the final cut.
As lastly, but not leastly, the people called out in pain.
For help in forms of food, water and innocence, they’d never see again.
As stories arose from those shelters where people felt they could feel safe.
Those things we heard from media could scarcely keep the pace.
The looters, killers, rapers lived and began their horrid deeds.
The people soon fully realized no one would meet their needs.
How somber were the stories told, how sobering the words,
Policemen lives and babies raped, the stores would be heard.
As we wait and work for life to return fresh and clean and new,
We struggle with our feelings and we wonder what to do.
We pray for one another, we ask for strength and peace,
We ask for these things quickly, least our patience level is reached.
What price we pay for lessons learned, the price we pay is loss.
Of life and limb and property, what a heavy awesome cost.
The time has come for healing of the hopelessness and pain,
Just a band-aid on KATRINA, we have so much more to gain.