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People who are becoming Catholic fall into three categories:


Children who are born or adopted into Catholic families usually are baptized as infants. This is a practice that began early in the church’s history. Also, children whose parents enter the Catholic church before the children have reached school age also are baptized.

Baptized Children and Adults

Baptized people who have never been formed in the Catholic tradition also participate in the catechumenate process. As they prepare for acceptance into the Catholic Church, they are known as candidates rather than catechumens. Even though the process is the same, the Catholic Church takes care to respect the fact that these people are truly baptized.

Children and Adults with Little or No Christian Background

Many people who wish to join the Catholic Church have never been baptized. The church offers the unbaptized a process of formation in the Catholic Christian faith and way of life called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults or Catechumenate.

Christian initiation is a gradual process. Sessions for adults are held on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Center at 1019 N. Prieur Street. The Christian journey allows the opportunity to ask questions about the church and to hear about the message of Jesus Christ and how it is lived out in the Catholic Church. You may participate in this process as long as needed.

Quick Contact Information

For information regarding Religious Education for school age children. Contact: Mrs. Alena Boucree, Director of Religious Education at (504) 822-8059, ext. 224.

For information regarding adult formation in the Catholic Church, contact: the parish office at (504) 822-8059.

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